Regardless of content or environment,
if the participants aren’t enjoying themselves, the message won’t stick



Inside every individual and organization
 is an insatiable desire for excellence



At the core of every relationship is trust.
Knowing the heart, mind and motive invigorates belief



Current, relevant and available, healthy relationships
impart strength & empower effective decision making

What We Do

We challenge and empower leaders, teams and organizations to reach for Greatness.


Our Like an Owner® platform provides a foundation and filter that permeate all we do. As you’ll see through these pages, we take a comprehensive approach in cultivating a spirit of ownership for people in every level of an organization. This framework resonates from the C-suite to the front lines.


At conferences and organization events our Keynotes are dynamic, lively and fun. They instigate the conversation. Trainings provide an environment that unpack the details of implementing an ownership mindset. Through consulting we partner with organizations to unlock an ownership culture.


Focusing on four fundamental areas: Think, Act, Lead and Create, we offer practical solutions that are immediately usable. We work with businesses, not-for-profits, associations, government and educational agencies.


What we do best is create environments where people have fun, open their minds, consider their responsibilities and leave knowing what their next best step is to take.

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